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We’ve had the pleasure of working with several different customers throughout the years and we take pride in seeing them satisfied! Below are some words from a few of our customers who were happy to work with us.

You guys are awesome and thanks so much for being so helpful with me getting this truck back on the road. You will certainly be my first call if I ever need anything else. The truck was able to get fixed in enough time to make my cousin’s wedding at the beach a few weeks ago, so I had to put some sand on it :).

– Jeff H, Richmond, VA

Jeff H., Richmand, VA

I want to thank you for the incredible treatment – the discount, the efficient service, the no-pressure phone response, and the transparency – that I experienced while shopping for a new used car. I am telling everybody about you.

There is no way I could have gotten the deal you gave me from a used car dealer. I thought it was amazing that you made adjustments to the car I test drove and brought to my mechanic for his inspection. In less than 48 hours, you fixed things that any regular used car dealer would have sold “as is.” Then you sent it off to have it realigned again at your expense, and then had a driver drive it 30 miles back to my mechanic in Brattleboro for a second check-up, which it passed handily. Then your driver took me and my sister back to Fitzwilliam to sign papers and buy the car.

Without my even asking you expanded your 30-day drive-train warranty to include anything mechanical and guaranteed, in writing, that it would pass Vermont inspection. I love that little car. I named it Joan Jetta, the Go-Getta. It is fun to drive and I feel safe. So THANKS for making it easy and affordable.

– Theresa M, Williamsville, VT

Theresa M., Williamsville, VT